Two James Spirits

Located in Corktown Detroit Two James Spirits is Detroit’s first licensed distillery since Prohibition.

28 Island Vodka

28 Island Vodka is carefully handcrafted from organic soft winter wheat and corn, and distilled with the finest American made copper pot still. The result is a remarkably smooth, balanced spirit that makes an excellent addition to both classic and modern cocktails. Now Available

Old Cockney Gin

Old Cockney Gin is carefully handcrafted from the same grains used for our 28 Island Vodka, including soft winter wheat and rye. Drawing on the London style gins of old, Two James is distilled with heavy juniper, and accompanied with select botanicals. The result is a dry, smooth gin with a unique, but harmonious balance of flavors. Now Available

Grass Widow Bourbon

Grass Widow Bourbon is a high rye bourbon uniquely finished in Madeira casks. This bourbon possesses intriguing levels of spice and complexity. Before the Volstead Act reared its ugly head, Detroit was a hotbed of premium whiskey manufacturing. Two James Spirits honors the glory of Detroit’s craft whiskey roots with the resurrection of the Grass Widow name. Now Available

Two James Rye Whiskey

Unlike other rye whiskeys that use a mixture of grain for their rye spirit, Two James uses 100% Michigan grown rye which is aged for a minimum of two years in charred oak barrels. The result is a spicy, smooth and distinctive spirit with oak, grain, anise and vanilla bean characteristics, complemented by hints of toffee and baking spice. Future Release

Two James Bourbon

A blend of Michigan grown corn, barley malt and rye aged in charred oak barrels for a minimum of two years. The spicy character of the rye contrasts with the sweet corn notes, and is balanced by the addition of the barley malt. Bottled by hand in Corktown, Detroit. Future Release

Two James "Reserve" Single Malt Whiskey

Two James Reserve Single Malt Whiskey is distilled from a fermented mash of peat-malted Scottish barley and then aged for three years; though made in America, it follows in the tradition of Islay Scotch Whisky. It is crafted using one pass distillation–making large cuts of heads and tails–resulting in a full, flavorful, yet smooth spirit. The distillate is then aged in old sherry casks. Future Release

Other spirits to be made at a later date:

Two James Calvados
Two James Absinthe