Join the Corktown 500

We hope you’ll join us in bringing Two James Spirits to Detroit, Michigan and the world, by joining The Corktown 500 ™. Only 500 members will be welcomed to this opportunity and will be on a first-come, first-serve basis until the membership quota is met. Upon receipt of the application and payment, we will mail a membership card and fulfillment kit, which will include exclusive thank-you gifts from the distillery. If you have questions regarding the program please contact or call Courtney @ 313.600.9567.

The Corktown 500 membership privileges

For your membership fee of $2,000 (Bring on a friend or another individual and you both receive a 10% discount, 25% discount for purchases of 5 or more memberships) you will be admitted to an extraordinary association of individuals who will help us write Detroit spirit making history. You will be part of an exclusive club, the first licensed distillery in Detroit since Prohibition! Members of The Corktown 500 will become our ambassadors, helping us spread the word about our liquors and liqueurs to thirsty Michiganders and beyond. By participating, you will be supporting the advancement of homegrown grain-to-bottle craft distilling and have ownership and pride in our great company and city. Membership benefits include:

Invitation to “Camp James”

You will receive an invitation for one to join us for a complimentary weekend at Two James Distillery for an insider’s look at the product, marketing, and enjoyment of fine craft spirits.  You will learn everything about making craft spirits, including a tasting of other fine products from our brethren in Michigan and beyond. This course will begin on a Friday evening with a meet and greet spirits and cocktail tasting with light hors d’oeuvres provided. This will be followed by two full days of an intensive hand on whiskey making course. On both days, prominent local restaurants will prepare a delicious lunch just for you. Please see the itinerary below. Be prepared to get dirty! The inaugural Camp James is scheduled for April 4th thru 6th 2014. Reservations are first come first serve.

Make your own whiskey

During your visit, you will handcraft Two James whiskey with assistance from the proprietors and master distiller, David Pickerell, the former head Maker’s Mark distiller and a luminary in the whiskey world. You’ll sample premium grain, cook mash, distill “white dog,” and hone your sensory skills nosing distillates and making “cuts”. You’ll even barrel the whiskey, hammer the bung into place and personally sign the barrel.

At the conclusion of the course you will be given a framed diploma signed by Dave Pickerell and staff. You will take home a liter barrel with the product you distilled to enjoy as it ages.

Friday Evening 8-10 pm

  • Introduction to Two James Spirits
  • Safety instructions and recommended attire
  • Agenda overview
  • Light hors d’oeuvres (provided)
  • Cocktails and tasting with Dave Pickerell and staff (provided)

Saturday 9am – 6pm

  • Distilled products overview
  • Grain selection and milling
  • Malted products and enzymes
  • Lunch (provided)
  • Yeast strains and selection
  • Whiskey mashing and fermentation

Sunday 9 am – 6pm

  • Whiskey distillation
  • Lunch (provided)
  • Filtration
  • Proofing, bottling and barreling
  • Sensory evaluations and tasting
  • Parting gifts and thanks

Other exclusives

  • Two James gift basket with select spirits
  • Camp James commemorative tee shirt
  • Advanced notification of product releases and special vintages
  • Family and guest distillery visitation privileges (by appointment, when accompanied by membership holder—limit 5 people/one tour).
  • Advance notice and discounts to attend special events and tastings.
  • The opportunity to participate in private spirit screenings.
  • Limited edition gifts mailed to your home.
  • Your name, membership term, and membership number engraved on a permanent plaque at the distillery.

Additional Membership Privileges

Two James Spirits is inviting members of The Corktown 500 to provide input and expertise as we conceptualize, create, and market new spirits. The Corktown 500 members are our ambassadors statewide and around the world. We expect our Members to:

  • Enjoy and promote craft spirits everywhere!
  • Drink our spirits responsibly and encourage others to follow suit.
  • Be our on-the-ground ambassador, providing us feedback on local sentiment and product experience.
  • Spread the word about Two James Spirits and invite other members to the Corktown 500.
  • Help us evaluate new spirit profiles, future bottle and label designs, planned distillery events, and proposed marketing ideas.