Game-Changing Grenadine

Friday, February 7th, 2014 | posted by Sabrina

Take any idea you had of what grenadine is like and throw it out. Done? Okay, good. We’re going to show you all how to make some amazing grenadine that will change your former frown upside down.

We’ll start by taking some fresh pomegranates and juicing them. No idea where to start? Well, lets just cut them in half first.


Okay, now, grab a bowl and a bit of water and separate the seeds out.



For the juicing part, there are two ways you can go about this. A traditional juicer as featured below…


OR, you can drain away the water in the bowl, leaving only the seeds and crush them in your hands. See Dave’s demo:


Whatever juicing route you choose, you’re going to need to get 2 cups of pomegranate juice. Then, pour into a pot on a burner.


Add in 2 oz. of pomegranate molasses to the juice that is now heating.



Dissolve 2 cups of cane sugar into the juice and molasses mixture. Once dissolved: immediately turn off the heat! 


Add in 1 tsp. of orange blossom water. Stir into the juice mixture.


You want to keep the flavor as bright and raw as you possibly can, which is why after the juice we removed the pot from the heat.

Now, you have this: Grenadine that will ignite your taste-buds and elevate your Shirley Temples…and vodka.


Break out a clean, dry bottle to hold your new concoction.


Pour back into your bowl.


Strain and funnel into bottle.



That’s about it! It’s startlingly simple but incredibly delicious.

Friends don’t let friends drink Rose’s. Get out there and show them how real grenadine is done!*


*Recipe courtesy of David Landrum of Two James Spirits (thanks Dave!)

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